Monday, July 13, 2015

All roads lead shops.

Some people can't pass by a certain type of shop without stopping to look in the window. For some of my friends: that's a shoe shop. For others it's hardware stores. For me? It's bike shops. 
This weekend, Bicycle Space opened two new shops: one on K Street and one in Adams Morgan. I never need an excuse to visit Adams Morgan, so I stopped in. The video here gives you a quick look.

Everyone has a favorite bike shop: I've had many. I've heard the raps on some shops: that the mechanics at Shop A have too much "attitude", that staff at Shop B are slow to help, or too aggressive in trying to upsell. I have to say, I've had good experiences at the various bike shops I've patronized over the years here in DC, Maryland and Virginia. (Jeez, I do like bike shopping...)

I've only had one experience where I felt like I was interrupting a bro-fest and couldn't get arrested, let alone waited on. And yes, I never returned. That was years ago, and I'm betting that seeing the change in the market, that more women are getting to where they go on bikes, that's probably changed.

What do you look for in a bike shop? Proximity? Great selection? Price?  Feel free to share recommendations. 

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