Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kidical Massive: Were You There?

This one got by me, but if you were at the Kidical MASSive today, let me know how it went. I'm curious to see how people feel about riding with kids: more confident than in the past? Have drivers habituated themselves to moms and dads taking the little ones for a spin? What do the kids say?

And how many of you have something like this? Nothing like waterproofing the kiddos.

Coffee or the Egg...

Not sure which comes first: the coffee that fuels the bike ride, or the bike ride that is motivated by the promise of  the second cup at the end of ride--because it's not unusual for me to have a cup before getting on the bike in any given morning---but 'tis the season for Chasing Mailboxes' Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015.

And this year, I might actually pledge allegiance to the Caffeine Nation and manage to organize myself, my thoughts, my calendar, my cyberlife, to pull it off.

Check this link for the rules of engagement:  Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015 . Maybe I'll bump into you as I reach for the sugar at the counter. Or maybe I'll spot you in the Coffee Shop Without Walls. There are so many pleasant outdoor spots in our region.