Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ok, normallly, not a New Year's Resolution type...I'm too scattershot and undisciplined.
(You see why the :35 second report on WTOP and tight deadlines are perfect for me, right?)

 That said, sometimes you gotta make a plan.

So here's the plan:

More time staying in touch with the loved ones. Near and far.

More time out of a chair/before a computer. Yes, Mayor Booker, I'm taking you up on that challenge. You say you'll do 30 mins of activity each day? I'll see your 30 minutes and raise you 1. Yes, I'm pledging 31 minutes a day. Rain, shine, cold, hot, whatever we get tossed at us. I am regretting this already, but it seems it takes the prospect of public shaming to keep me on track.

More time before the computer on this blog with more bikey goodness on tap.

And in the spirit of bikey New Year enthusiasm, I'm off on a bike ride. I'll end 2011 with one and start 2012 with another.

Happy trails all,


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Friday, December 23, 2011

HEAR TELL: A Puppy Mill is Shut Down, A Rescue Operation Opens its Doors


This week, the Washington Animal Rescue League in NW Washington, DC, took in more than 100 dogs and puppies seized from a puppy mill in Arkansas. Here's what it sounded like as the truck rolled up, the dogs were offloaded, tagged, and given plenty of tender loving care as they are prepped for the process of finding permanent homes where they'll be a companion, not a widget. 

WARL Makes Room at the Inn...

Photos from the arrival of 102 dogs from a puppy mill that had been shut down in Arkansas. Washington Animal Rescue League officials say it's among the largest group they've ever taken in. The first impression is that many of these dogs will do just fine in new homes. They seem eager to be handled, not skittish, so while some may have issues adjusting to a real home, the outlook is very bright. One staffer simply cradled one of the more timid dogs and murmured "It's ok, you're safe now."

Monday, December 19, 2011


Did you miss out on Santa-suited biking and pub crawling and general merriment in DC this past weekend? Wishing you could give your Christmas spirit a boost this holiday season?

Click here: SANTARCHYDC 2011