Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collision on Capital Crescent Trail

Maryland National Capital Park Police say a cyclist and a motorist collided in the crosswalk at the intersection of the Capital Crescent Trail and Little Falls Parkway today. According to Sgt. Lauryn McNeill, a man riding a recumbent bike entered the crosswalk, and as a BMW approached, both the motorist and the cyclist slowed. Then as the cyclist proceeded, the car struck the cyclist.

McNeill says the cyclist suffered superficial injuries and the driver stopped to help. The grill of the car was damaged, but the bike was ok.

The release asks all users of the Capital Crescent Trail to use extra care, especially when approaching intersections. The warm weather draws more users, so the potential for collisions goes up.

Police ask users to review the rules of the trail, wear reflective gear, and they ask that cyclists wear helmets.  They also ask drivers to use extra precaution when approaching intersections with local trails. You can get more information about trail use and trail 'etiquette' by calling the MNCPP at 240-876-6670.

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