Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Warrior Progress and Road Rules...

Ok, in my quest to keep up my mileage, and stick to my  "Perfect Attendance" (daily ride goal)  on a Capital Bikeshare bike, I took a bike out for a spin.

So I was at a CaBi stand when the bikeshare van came rolling up. It was @ 9:30pm and I couldn't help asking: has the Winter Warrior Contest boosted ridership? It seems to me these bikes are getting some serious use.

Sure enough, one of the staffers loading bikes at the dock said yes, it seems that ridership is up, particularly at night. Interesting. What about you? What do you think of these bikes? Have you tried them? Would you like to? If not, why not?

Oh, and my mileage total is now: 111.7 miles.

Rolling Responsibly...

Tomorrow the Washington Area Bicyclist Association holds its Resolution to Ride Responsibly event. Everyone study up on their rules of the road?

Check out WABA Bike Ambassador Daniel Hoagland's piece on what riding responsibly means---and the reaction you just might get! I'm pleased to say I've had a similar experience. I was in a bike lane at an intersection, the driver was in the lane to my left.  I wanted to avoid a 'right hook', so made eye contact to let the driver know I'd be heading through the intersection and they nodded, with a thumbs-up.  Nice when our positive behavior has an effect, but even if you don't get a good reaction, keep in mind: following those road rules could keep you safer out there. And you could be building goodwill for other cyclists while you're at it.

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