Thursday, January 27, 2011

Say It Ain't So!

Could this be the agony of defeat?

On the way back to the WTOP studios during what is now being called "The Commute From Hell" I filed live reports on, well, the commute from hell. But what made it worse was the realization that the Capital Bikeshare bike stations would likely be shut down. And sure enough....

and here's the instant video.

Winter Weather Warrior: Trying to Beat The Clock from kate ryan on Vimeo.


  1. Oh no!

    I'm not 100% positive, but I think if during the day the system ends up getting shut down, it does *not* count against the perfect attendance award. (However, any trips taken before that shut down do still count for the overall award).

    I decided to take CaBi just in case it got shut down when I needed a ride from downtown (5th & F) to CoHi (16th & Harvard). I made it until 10th & U when I gave up. My face was literally bleeding from the ice particles in the air. Not fun or cool at all! Um yeah. Honestly, I would have just liked to have relaxed in warmth and non-ice particles, and foregone the ice expedition :(

    Anyway, I don't think you've been defeated. Just deferred! (Seriously, double check-on it. I don't think the shut down will be held against you.

    -The other Kate :-)

  2. Ouch! Other Kate, I'm so sorry @ the non-salon dermabrasion treatment Mother Nature doled out. Still, I wish I had gone with my gut and hit the road BEFORE heading in to work to get the ride in.

    I think you are right, I may get a 'bye' on this but still, it feels less 'Winter Warrior'-y.

    Then again, I faced what so many of those in cars faced; a very dicey afternoon/evening commute. Don't know if you heard, but I was very very lucky to run into --not literally, thankfully--the fabulous Pfeiffer family, Mark and his son Matthew. They went out for a walk with their dog and ended up giving a boost to a number of hapless motorists (I soon became one) trying to scoot up that incline on Wisconsin Avenue before Tenleytown.

    I pride myself on being a pretty accomplished winter weather warrior (been driving through blizzards for radio stations since, well, for a really, really long time,) and this small hill was a challenge. Slush had turned to ice, and climbing the grade while trying to match the timing of traffic lights and avoid those who weren't so lucky was tricky business indeed.

    But thanks so much for your encouragement. I won't give up on keeping those winter weather warrior's been so much fun. Stay safe out there, and lets hope for clear streets and safe travels no matter your mode: bike, bus, Metro, foot or car.

  3. Hmmm - interesting that the Capital Bikes would shut down the rental system due to the snow/ice....but I guess they have to protect their investment of bikes... Sorry you were out of luck on using the bike! I rode home last night (on my studded tire mountain bike) and did pretty good (from 19th & K to near Air Force Memorial). Took about 30 min. more than normal commute. I felt sorry for all the people stuck in the traffic jams!! It reminded me of 9/11.... Take care - Charmaine

  4. I'm not so sure it's the bikes they want to protect...but I'll ask! :)

    Cycling when the streets (and bike lanes, and yes sidewalks) are icy etc has it's challenges..I'll have to ask many of you cyclists how you manage...Next post! :)