Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Bikey, But Fun: Introducing Ivy Rose

Go ahead, call them a 'chick band'...the members of Ivy Rose, four young women from the Washington, DC area, will just laugh.
Martina San Diego, lead vocalist--and still in high school-- explains "We use it to our advantage basically, we give them a surprise, one they're not expecting." Drummer Isabelle De Leon who attends the University of Maryland, says once the music starts, even those who may have dismissed the teenagers as 'just another chick band' end up saying :"Wow, they're actually pretty good'. "
And the band, made up of sisters Isabelle, Sarah and Kristine De Leon  of Gaithersburg, and sister-at-heart Martina San Diego, who attends school in  Fairfax County, are better than pretty good. They won a battle of the bands to open for Weezer at the University of Maryland where they got a warm reception. But they're also interested in doing good. So, with help from their parents, they formed Rock for Scholars, a benefit program to raise money for student scholarships at Georgetown Visitation.
Rock for Scholars also helps pump money into the school's arts program. Asked what prompted that, the De Leon sisters explain they wanted to give back to the school that gave so much to them. Isabelle graduated two years ago, and Sarah, 17 is a senior there. Mom--and manager--Lynn De Leon adds that giving back is something that is very important to the family. "At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, what have I done?"
At rehearsal at Georgetown Visitation, Headmaster Dan Kerns explained that the girls really are making a difference with their music. "We did this last year, and it was very successful, and this is another opportunity for the girls to give back to the community in terms of their talent."
Asked about musical influences, the girls mention bands like The Cranberries. Isabelle says they are really more 'alternative' than straight-ahead rock'n'roll, but when she got behind the drum set, at a recent rehearsal, she demonstrated with a brief solo why some listeners leave a concert blown away.
You can find out more about Ivy Rose at

Here's Isabelle De Leon on drums:

Here's the first version of the story that ran on WTOP:

And here's the second version of the story on Ivy Rose and Rock for Scholars:

And here's a brief video of the girls in rehearsal.

Ivy Rose in Rehearsal for Rock for Scholars from kate ryan on Vimeo.

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