Saturday, January 15, 2011

Judge Sentences Man in the Death of Stanton Miller

Stanton Miller, 48, was killed as he cycled home along Ridge Road in Germantown last June.

Six months later, 34 year old Quinzy Fraser, the man behind the wheel of the SUV that killed Miller, was sentenced after entering a guilty plea to a single count of manslaughter by motor vehicle.

The courtroom--Courtroom 1 in Montgomery County's Circuit Court house-- is often used for jury selection when a large jury pool is called. Or it's reserved for cases where a large turnout is expected. I have covered a number of high profile cases in Montgomery County over two decades. I have never seen something quite like this.

The rows of seats easily hold 250 people. The courtroom was filled to standing-room-only. There were friends and family there for both men. One group was representing the man who was facing a ten year jail term, one group was representing a man who--in the words of his brother--was gone, suddenly gone.

For now I'll direct you to WTOP 103.5 fm where you can hear the stories: 4 versions. And to the WTOP website where I filed a written account. I will post the audio to this site after noon on Saturday.

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