Friday, May 20, 2011

Terrific Future Bike To Work Participants...

...and it sounds like these are folks you'll want alongside you on the roadways.

Rockville City announced its "Terrific Bike Awardees".

Here's the idea: the city looks for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade who demonstrate they are: trustworthy, earnest, respectful, responsible, involved, fair and caring. See how they show they are terrific? (Hint: read those qualities again).

The kids can't just claim they have these qualities; they have to carry out 6 responsible acts and have a parent or mentor vouch for them. Those who are deemed truly terrific get--you guessed it--a bike!

Just who are these kids? Here are the names provided by the City of Rockville. Kids, take a bow, and a ride around the block. This is your day, congratulations.
  • Melanie Tommer
  • Ryan Tommer
  • Michael Xie
  • Nicole Deprey
  • Ritika Naiknavare
  • Karan Naiknavare
  • Joshua Hu
  • Harrison Brown
  • Jisu Kim
  • Minsu Kim
  • Liang Ling
  • Jordan Cerna
  • Lydia Harouna
  • Amina Harouna
  • Maddy Ostlund
  • Ashley Thommana
  • Claudio Pachano
  • Gregory Overton

*and yes, the kids were given helmets as well. The bikes were reconditioned and prepped by the folks at Bikes for the World, a non-profit that connects people with bicycles all over the world. 

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