Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capital BikeShare: the Sweaty Season

So, you soldiered through the Capital Bikeshare's Winter Weather Warrior Contest, and showed you have that 'flinty toughness' that certain residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like to brag about.

Well now, are you ready to sweat through the simmering summer months in the Reverse Ride Rewards program? Get a load of the latest from .

Personally, I'm a better Winter Weather Warrior than I am Summer Soldier, how about you?


  1. Much prefer the cold of winter to the sweat of summer!

  2. Brightwoodian: Clearly, you are a very wise person with superior views. I am already feeling like diving into a bucket of ice and staying there until October. I wilt in this weather.
    But honestly,it's serious stuff. The danger of hypERthermia is real. Keep hydrated, and watch out for the most vulnerable: little kids, older residents and pets.