Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hear Tell: An Interview

Hear Tell: to be told a bit of news, to hear tell of something.

When you see Hear Tell on this blog, know that you'll be hearing someone tell me more. More of something you may have heard on WTOP, or just something I thought I'd like to pass on to you here.

In this Hear Tell segment, I visited Eric Gilleland at the Capital Bikeshare facility out on Half Street, SW. See what the former WABA executive and current General Manager of Capital Bikeshare has to say about cycling, Bike to Work Days past and present, and more..

Even when they're not out there with 11,000 of their closest friends on Bike to Work Day, Capital Bikeshare users are changing the way we think about getting around in the nation's capital. For one, they're showing us you don't have to dress like you're taking on a critical stage of the Tour de France. What else is changing? I caught up with Eric Gilleland, General Manager of DC's Capital Bikeshare program, and formerly with WABA, the Washington Bicyclist Association.

Hear Tell below, and look for more photos here:

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