Monday, May 2, 2011

Angry, Texting, Drunk or All Three?

I have no idea what the driver was doing, but as I went gliding along on a bike on a street in Gent, a speeding car comes within inches of me...and before I can finish using the four-syllable word that springs to mind, I hear a skid and impact. The sound of two cars making contact at an intersection.

As far as I could tell, no one was hurt, and I'm glad of that. But I'm most glad that the guy wasn't so far off course as to slam into yours truly.

Next mishap: my bike slips the chain. You know the feeling, you're coasting along, you shift gears and suddenly: zzzip! You are spinning the pedals but nothing's catching. Cursing my luck I hotfoot it down to the local bike shop.  Which is closed. The next closest is a bit of a hike, but thankfully, it's mostly downhill, so at least I can hop on and make some time before it closes. But as I do, the cheap bag I bought at the local grocery store to tote my computer and other goods, breaks, sending my camera, computer and sundries scattering in the street.

It was that kind of afternoon.

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