Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sad News Close to Home

On Sunday, a reader of this blog, "Rootchopper" sent me the following:

"Yesterday my wife, a mother of 2, was out for a walk and hit by an SUV. She spent the rest of yesterday at Fairfax Hospital trauma center. She's now at home in bed unable to walk or even stand without assistance. She is in constant pain. I don't know why the SUV driver was in such a hurry that he nearly killed someone. These things are [not] accidents. This was entirely avoidable."

And I also learned that Megan Odett, who organized DC's first "Kidical Mass" family bike ride, and was interviewed on WTOP , was herself hit by a car while taking her son to daycare. I had assumed that she was on her bike,  but she said no, she was on foot. She says she was hit as she was carrying her son in her arms--and was left injured in the street. You can see how she describes it in her Twitter account.

Police are investigating both cases.

Here's hoping they heal up fast, and that you and yours remain safe out there.

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