Thursday, May 5, 2011

How did the Chicken Cross the Road? Flanders, the question may well be "How did the racing pigeon get to the starting line?"

By bike, of course! Check out the photos below. Heard them coming before I saw the man on the bike and as he passed me realized, the birds were stowed in the baskets along the back of his bike. Pigeon racing is still popular in Flanders. And you see here it's paired with the Belgium's *other* favorite sport, cycling.
In case you're wondering, the birds get to the finish line on the wing.


  1. I wish we had seen this guy! I love your blog, Kate--keep up the posting.

  2. Thanks a million Leland! I wish I had figured it out quicker and got a better shot. So very good to hear from you, stay in touch!