Friday, December 31, 2010

Springtime in December? about wanting to play hooky!

One of my assignments today? Talk to people who ride bikes all winter long; those intrepid 'Winter Weather Warriors'* Well, today it was easy to be a cyclist--it was sunny and 48 degrees. It felt like one of the first, early days of spring and I was wishing my vacation were already underway.

Check in on WTOP for the story New Year's Day...and enjoy your New Year's Eve, safely.

*Capital Bikeshare: the program that's trying to get users to enjoy riding bikes on even the coldest of days..from January 1 through February...more on that in the next post.


  1. Was very easy to be a cyclist on Friday. Biked up from Huntington on NYE because I hadn't been on the extended 15th St cycletrack yet...

  2. You are so right..on those lovely winter days when the temps pop up to the high 40's to the mid-50's? Fabulous biking weather! Could be the Celtic heritage kicking in, could be a lapse of sanity. Your choice.