Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Snow That Did...and Didn't Fall..

...almost as soon as it was declared, weather restrictions on the Capital Bikeshare program were lifted.

I visited the folks at the Dupont Farmer's market.

What's interesting is how many vendors decided to come, even as weather forecasts fluctuated. I was struck by the image of lovely flowers and colorful vegetables for sale, despite the frigid temps.

Need a reason to brave the icy blasts of winter to head to a farmer's market? Sometimes, you get two-fers..two-for-one deals. I got two loaves of bread for the price of one.

At twice the price, I'd say many of the treats on sale are more than worth it. If you've ever done any agricultural work, you can appreciate what it takes to get that food from farm to table. They work in blazing heat and bitter cold, and then do the same as they vend it at markets throughout the region.

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