Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Trip Home After the Trip Home From NYC

Multi-Modal Me...

I am not a holier than thou biker/walker/city resident, so I don't say that in a smug urban-dweller who plays the 'greener-than-thou-game'. See below...

I've always been 'multi-modal', I just didn't know it.

I mean I've always walked, taken trains, driven and biked to get around.

It's just this weekend, I got to test it in a new way. I zipped up to NYC on the train to visit family. I got back to Union Station late, and thought, Ok, how do I want to get home? I wanted to save some money after my trip, and Union Station's not so far from home. (I've walked the 5 miles home in the past and found it very pleasant, but I was kinda sleepy too) and after a weekend trip and a family party, the need to work off birthday cake was pretty strong, so I decided to take one of the Capital Bikeshare bikes.

Best part about the ride home? The courtesy extended by most drivers and one in particular.

I don't know who you were, U-Haul driver, but as we both traveled along Mass Ave to 14th Street, you treated me like another vehicle with a legitimate right to the roadway. Refreshing! You came alongside when it was safe to do so (that is, you shifted to the lane next to me) and when you saw that my right lane was going to be compromised by parked cars and I'd need to shift to the left (and signaled accordingly) you gave me the space to do it.

Tip of the hat to you Mr. U-Haul driver!

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