Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kate's 500 Update...

Mileage today:

  • On foot: 3 miles
  • By bike: 9.4 miles
Today's total: 12.4 miles
Total so far: 41.4 miles

I won't lie: coming out of a toasty restaurant into the dark, drizzly night to unlock the bike and head home? A bit of a challenge mentally. Like leaving your warm bed for a workout on an icy morning. 
But as always, once you get going, you warm up. And at one point, I was laughing just because it was fun. Riding a bike can do that for you. 


  1. That's been my experience as well. I don't usually look forward to riding in the rain or when it's really cold, and especially when it's cold and rainy, but once I get going it's almost always fun. It helps to have the right clothing and to be willing to really use it, not just let it sit in the closet.

  2. So true! I recall a spinning class instructor who said her husband would ride in any weather..she would not. But he insisted--and I know you've heard this--there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate gear.