Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Foggy Day... Washington.

It's actually pleasant walking weather for me. I don't mind gray, I don't mind drizzle. Heavy downpour? Not a fan. But I can cope with the gray days. As a matter of fact, I rather like the cool temps, the quiet of the gray.

So how'd I do? Just 1.2 miles on foot today. So that brings me to 17.7 for my total.

Not quite the Turbo Tuesday I'd predicted...we'll keep tweaking the predictions/performance.

But today, I saw something that gives me a good swift kick for those mornings when I'm dragging.

Did any of you see this?

Today, @ 9:30-10am along Wisconsin Ave/355 just across from the Naval Medical Center, a jogger.

Ok, that's not so unusual, but by his side? A companion. On crutches. With one functioning leg. The other, it appeared, had been amputated, somewhere above the knee. And yet, this young man was keeping pace with the jogger.

To that man I wanted to say: I don't know who you are, but please know this-- you really made me feel great. Seeing you speed along with your running buddy inspired not pity, but respect, even awe. I was really impressed by the matter-of-factness you projected. The way you handled the crutches as though they were second nature, something you don't even think about anymore. You had me focusing not on your disability, but your ease of movement, and the fact that you were eating up the pavement with your buddy.

So thanks. You were focused on your activity. You weren't looking to impress anyone. But you filled me with admiration. And you made my day.

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