Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Bike-Riding-Singer-Songwriter-Cellists Do on Tour Down-Time

...Ben Sollee who spent some time at the Glass Enclosed Nerve Center @ WTOP last month, is in town. He's playing the second of two shows at Iota in Arlington tonight. He took a spin on the Capital Crescent Trail and tweeted about the experience.

I'm hoping he experienced local riders at their polite best. You know, the kind of folks who call out 'Passing on the left', ring the bell, double check for oncoming 'traffic' to make sure they can pass safely. A wave and a smile is nice too.

Do I sound like your mom? Maybe, but manners count. And can keep us all from going home on a gurney. I'm a huge fan of staying intact. So much more fun.

And now it's my turn to get out for a ride.

If you haven't already, check out Sollee's work here.

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