Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cyclists: Crime Fighters?

Yes, motorists, I know. There are those cyclists who thread through traffic, endangering themselves and the rest of us. There are those who blow stop signs, rush up on pedestrians on the sidewalk without warning, and just act like jerks. (Just like the driver that cut you off, neglected to signal, or just about rear-ended you while checking their email for the zillionth time.)

But how about this: how about the cyclist as crime-buster?

Here's what made me think of it.

Tuesday, WTOP reported on the case of an attempted rape in Montgomery Village. According to police, a woman was followed, then accosted, then attacked by a man as she walked home. A passing cyclist heard her screams, followed the sound of the commotion, and scared off the assailant.

Back in October of last year, it was a cyclist that witnessed the aftermath of a fatal hit and run in Dupont Circle. That cyclist followed the car that struck 24 year old Kiela Ryan (no relation to this reporter) and got the license plates. That same cyclist followed up with police. The evidence in the case, including that critical bit of information, led to the conviction of the driver, 31 year old Jorida Davidson of Friendship Heights, on a charge of negligent homicide.

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