Friday, June 3, 2011

So, How Important is That Cell Phone Call?

I'm in a business where making the deadline is critical.
But do I want to cause mahyhem while doing making my deadline? Of course not. Which is why the message offered by Jacy Good, a young woman who lost her parents on a day which should have been among the happiest in her young life, resonates.

Jacy Good graduated from college on May 18, 2008. After graduation, her parents drove her home. Or tried to. Seems a  young man on a cell phone changed their plans forever. He ran a red light, and caused an 18-wheeler to take evasive action, but that move sent the tractor trailer head-on into the car driven by Jacy's parents. She tells what happened bluntly. Her parents died on the scene. She survived with a host of injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

She wants you to put down your cell phone while driving. She'd really rather that you turn it off and state on your cell phone mailbox that if you don't answer it's because you may be driving.

On the same day Jacy spoke to students at Walt Whitman High School students, officials from a variety if agencies, including the Maryland Sate Police, explained to students that there is something called the "No Zone" around trucks. Something that they, as young drivers, need to learn about. If you were listening Thursday, you heard the reaction this got. (It was positive--students who said they might have been skeptical got a lot out of the chance to climb into a trucker's cab and see for themselves what the road looks like from up there.)

See Jacy speak directly to students at Walt Whitman High here .

Check the WTOP website for more. And stay safe out there.

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