Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up...

...because I am remiss. I mean, seriously, criminally remiss on the bike-blog front.

Ok, so some links.

I am intrigued by the Grist's Elly Blue's take on why more women don't ride. She argues that it's not, in her artfully put way, 'fear or fashion'. When I talk to working women--especially those with families--I hear one of Blue's arguments: it's time. I'm curious: what do you think?

Ladies, do you want to ride, but feel you need less testosterone along for the trip? City Bikes wants to bring you along...check out their Ladies Ride. Or you can check out the Ladies Night events at various Revolution Cycles locations. Bicycle Space  also has lots of events you might want to investigate.

These are not endorsements, honest. Does your shop have something going on the rest of the biking (and wanna-be-biking) world needs to know about? If it's a community-based event and not just a commercial, feel free to let me know.

Speaking of journalistic integrity, I'm also interested in the challenge of verifying a story that's posed by the "biking-while-in-a-skirt" account first reported by Streetsblog. Just because someone repeats her story to a number of people after the fact doesn't make it so. But just because she happens to be an ace-marketer doesn't make it not so. This is one for every newsroom to ponder.

And this from a friend who was hesitant about riding in some areas of DC at first. She e-mails me to say she's been riding to work--3 out of 5 days last week. I could hear how excited and proud she was right through cyberspace. Drivers, do her a favor and as the state highway signs in Maryland say "Please drive gently".

Now drivers, if you hate the idea of yet another cyclist on the road with you? Try to remember, as I do, that one more bike slowing your commute could be one more open parking space down the road.

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