Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seersucker Social: What Yout Missed...

...if you weren't there for all things dandy. See the folks at Dandies and Quaintrelles who are working to create a community that's both fashionable and functional and new and old in Washington, DC.

And yes, I missed the D&Q springtime fest. Seriously, I'm sorry I missed it, but you see, I had to head to Ocean City.

No, not for the salt-water taffy, Thrashers or the after-hours karaoke*,  but for the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association awards. WTOP took home an impressive 14 awards. And yes, I'm going to list them here. These are my colleagues who work insane hours in extreme conditions to make sure you get news of the events in your community and beyond. I work with a great collection of people.

* I'll post those pics only after gettting the ok from my colleagues. They are work-safe and prove you can't get a broadcaster away from a microphone, even off the clock.

And the winners are...
  • Outstanding News Operation: WTOP-FM
  • Outstanding Website:
  • Outstanding Newscast: February 11, 2010 3pm
  • Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing Story: Snowmageddon
  • Outstanding Year Round Local Sports: WTOP Sports
  • Outstanding Public Affairs: "B is for Bully" (Kate Ryan)
  • Outstanding Editorial or Commentary: Mark Plotkin Commentary
  • Outstanding Specialty Reporting: Man About Town (Bob Madigan)
  • Outstanding Talkshow: WTOP's 'Ask The..." (Mark Segraves)
  • Outstanding Documentary/In-Depth Reporting: Concussions and Kids (Andrew Mollenbeck)
  • Outstanding Sports Feature: "New Mayor of Nats Town" (Michelle Basch)
  • Outstanding News Series: "Escaping the Iron Curtain" (JJ Green)
  • Outstanding Feature/Human Interest Story: "Theater of War" (Darci Marchese)
  • Best Reporter: Mark Segraves

Congratulations to my colleagues and peers, and thanks to the organizers at CAPBA

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