Sunday, July 25, 2010

Would This Earn Your Vote?

Politicians going the old-school shoe-leather route: Door knocking in 100 degree heat.

Maryland State Delegate Christopher Shank (R) reports on his Facebook page that he was looking for votes--hydrating all the way--with bottled water and a Boonsboro Fire Department cool cup. Then Shank (perhaps demonstrating his family creds?) reported after door-knocking, it would be off to the pool for a swim with the family.

On the other side of the aisle, Judd Legum, a Democrat running for Delegate in Maryland's District 30, reports "I enjoy Coke slurpees" on his Facebook page. He catalogued what kept him going in the sludgy hot weather as he went looking for votes: "Polished off while canvassing today: 1 liter water, 22 oz Coke Slurpee, 20 oz iced tea, 20 oz ice water, 32 oz Gatorade. Still thirsty."

But did that lose him the Pepsi vote?

Does the door-to-door approach work? Does going out in extreme weather show dedication or lack of common sense? (Not an editorial, just wondering how it strikes the voter.)

And did voters allow those fully hydrated politicians to um, well, de-hydrate as needed? Just curious.

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