Monday, July 26, 2010

Storm Damage Report

Martha Lufkin of Rockville has new landscaping--but it's not what she had in mind.

"There is a 70-foot pine tree in my front yard, stretching from one end to the other."

Lufkin was home when Sunday's violent storms hit, and her husband, looking out the window, called  out ,"Here comes the tree! And we sprinted to the back of the house and heard a soft 'phoomph' as it settled in the front yard. Missing the house, missing the car!"

Lufkin says her home's become a bit of a landmark now with neighbors stopping by to snap photos.

She can't get out the front door, but says her cats are the most upset--having lost their front yard. "We've been using the back door."

And what about cleaning up that 70-foot pine? She says she's contacted her insurance company, and there's some question as to whether the policy covers lightning or wind storms.

Lufkin's lived in the home for 23 years, and has never seen anything like the damage done this time.

"Those blizzards were pretty impressive but for a summertime storm, this takes the cake."

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