Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bike Fitness: Fueled by Cupcakes and Chenin Blanc?

Am I dreaming?

Can you really get/maintain fit/ness while chowing down cupcakes and slurping chardonnay?

I ask only because City Bikes is offering the Cupcake Ramble and Revolution Cycles is offering a new take on the girls' night out with Ladies Nights.

So at the City Bikes event (this Saturday with cupcakes courtesy of Sol, the sweet genius behind the sugary stuff at Tryst in DC) it's a shot at nibbling cupcakes in between the two segments of your ride, and at Revolution, it's wine with the girls while talking about cycling strategies (skorts or bike shorts? heels or Keens?) and sane cycling routes...

So again, am I dreaming? Jillian Michaels wants to rant that "Nothing's free!! Nothing!!!" while the folks at these neighborhood bike shops are telling me, "Come on, the frosting and finish on this chardonnay are great!"

You see why I ditched the car for a bike, right?

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  1. Kate, all good. But why not use this platform for something more serious, like the treatment of drunk drivers who kill cyclists? Stan Miller was killed in Gaithersburg last month by suspected drunk driver Quinzy Fraser, who has a past DUI conviction. Charges are pending based on blood tests taken after officers smelled alcohol on him. Fraser has had charges dismissed for resisting the test and assaulting officers in the process.

    Mr. Miller was riding on the shoulder when Fraser veered out of the lane and hit him at full speed, witnesses say. Will Montgomery County speak for the victim here and pursue meaningful charges to take Mr. Fraser off the road? What if Mr. Fraser drives on your commuting route? How would you feel?