Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snowmageddon, the storm that keeps on costing...

Remember Snowmageddon? For Montgomery County's Keith Compton, Chief of the Division of Highway Services, it's not over.

Compton's still plowing through the administrative and fiscal fallout from the storms that dumped 104 inches of snow on the county this winter. He went before the Montgomery County Council for supplemental appropriations to cover the $60 million dollar pricetag for clearing the streets.

The county just wrapped up a brutal budget cutting session--slashing the budget to cover a billion dollar gap. Will the austerity budget limit the county's snow-fighting ability next year?

Compton says he did have to freeze some positions but added: "We're in pretty good shape. We're standing tall, we're standing ready...and if we get hit with a winter such as we did last winter, we'll be ready."

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