Monday, June 28, 2010

Bike Prom II: Because the fun's not over... long as you can re-live it with your friends. Or someone posts it on their blog.
Here you see BFF's Hillary Swab and Sarah Johnson spinning their wheels.
Despite weather that could melt Kevlar tires in the shade--Washington's bikey set got together for a night of sweat-soaked fun on and off the dance floor.
You could get winded by hopping on stationary bikes and besting your BFF in the saddle, or you could exhaust yourself on the dance floor. Here's a look from the center of the action...

WABA Bike Prom 2010 from kate ryan on Vimeo.

Note that lots of flashing lights on the dance floor were courtesy of the cyclists' personal bike lights. Who said safety couldn't be festive?
And here's a chat with one of the bike racers pictured above, Sarah Johnson. She's a bike commuter who challenged her friend Hillary Swab to a sprint...So, who won?

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