Sunday, June 20, 2010

Non-partisan thieves?

Content alert: the following is not straight news. I won't even claim it's 'news analysis' so I can get away with some opining here. The following is a flat-out value-judgement. And that would be:  stealing is just wrong.  OK, with that disclaimer out of the way, read on...

First the Fenty family here in DC , now the Bush-Hager family in Baltimore? Seems the thieves aren't out to get one particular party or the other, they just wanna steal your bikes.

Ok, so Mayor Fenty takes full responsibility for leaving the garage door open, but still--I'm gonna go out on a limb here--taking stuff is just plain wrong.

And sometimes, when the thieves can't get your bike, they just trash it. Happened to a friend of mine over the weekend. Her bike "George", was critically injured when the thieves couldn't yank him free from his securely-locked home. Because they couldn't stea the bike, they did the --to them--reasonable thing: they trashed the bike 'in situ'. RIP, George.

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