Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Convenience and Cool Factor of the Fold Up Bike

Jamie Forzato's a newly-minted WTOP staffer. She just recently made the leap from intern to employee. Yes, students, those internships really do pay off!

And like any go-getter in Washington, DC, Jamie's always looking for new opportunities. And she got one--after her morning shift at WTOP, she zips off to another internship in downtown DC. But her dilemma: the morning shift ends at 11am, she's got to be downtown and ready to rock'n'roll at the new internship by noon. How best to do that?

Jamie weighed her options, and took me up on an offer to try out my handy-dandy fold-up bike. (I had it stashed in the back of my WTOP news vehicle for those times when routes are closed to motor vehicles--think presidential inaugurals ;)

Check out Jamie's take on the virtues of a fold-up bike here:

LANE CHANGE Kate Ryan Reports from kate ryan on Vimeo.


  1. I have that exact same bike as my primary mode of transportation. And yes, it is definitely a conversation starter!

  2. I have two folding bikes - - a Bike Friday (that I do bike tours on), and a Brompton (which is good for folding quickly and taking on a bus/train, etc. It's nice to be able to "make your bike smaller" by folding it. And storing it is not a problem. :) Charmaine

  3. I'm curious...which do you prefer? The Brompton or the Bike Friday? I saw Bromptons all over Belgium, and note that plenty of folks say they are the gold standard of folders. Anyone else?