Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drumroll, please! The name of the new regional bike sharing program is...

...Capital Bikeshare!

In a news release, the District Department of Transportation and Arlington County announced they'll launch a regional bike sharing program under the name "Capital Bikeshare."

The program: Capital Bikeshare will launch later this year (fall) with about 1100 bikes at 114 stations.  The idea is you can find a bike where you need it-- when you want it-- and drop it off --no fuss, no muss. No commitment to bike ownership.

The naming process: DDOT and BikeArlington asked the public to take part in a survey.

The other contenders: "George", "GoBike", "Capital Bixi" and "Share Cycle".

My reaction:  Meh.

I'm no marketing whiz, but this leaves me flat. Sure, it says what it is and what it does, but, does it make you want to grab a bike and go for a spin? What do you think?

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