Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sad Bike

When I see a bike that's been stripped, and then I see that 'abandonded bicycle' notice that Ddot slaps on, I have to wonder: what happened?

I guess the scenario is fairly obvious: thieves strike, owner comes back to see that thieves struck and figures "to heck with it" and leaves bike to the elements (along with a not inexpensive U-lock).

But, when did the thieves strike? How obvious would it look to someone passing by that this isn't the owner at work? When asked, does the thief claim, as the Grinch told Cindy-Lou-Who-who-was-only-just-two, that the bike just doesn't work right and they're taking the parts back to Santa's bicycle workshop for repair? Could the whole mess have been avoided by a second lock securing the rear wheel to the frame? And do bikes get lonely when left like that? (I still get choked up whenever I think of the Velveteen Rabbit, or the Island of Misfit Toys)

Just wondering...


  1. And the rear wheel no less...
    Theft is one of the major reasons I got a folding bike. I feel much better about having my bike under my desk at work and in my apartment at night than leaving it on the street for long stretches.

  2. Chris,

    You are making me feel so much less guilty for splurging on a folder. I had a Dahon that was stolen (yes, the one time I didn't take it in, but left it locked with the others in the garage where I live) and have been thinking that a folder would be nice for just the reasons you describe. Of course, now I've gone all out on a Brompton and am just waiting for the word from the bike shop as to when it'll get here.

    Do you use yours for short hops only? I've seen the London to Paris races--they make it look like such fun. Ever flown with it? I am interested to see how that works for folks.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. The thing that particularly baffles me is when people steal bicycle seats or stems. I guess you can resell them if they're really fancy ones, but who buys just a bicycle seat or stem? Is there a serious black market for these things? It just seems like a mean thing to do most of the time.

    As for one like the bike in the picture, I don't know why the owner wouldn't just bring it home and replace the rear wheel. Sure, it would be expensive, but not moreso than an entirely new bike.