Thursday, March 8, 2012

Police Want Your Help

This is not a bike-related post, but it is road-related. And you might be able to help police figure out just what happened.

The facts as they are known:

31 year old Nelvis Garcia is driving on Randolph Road at around 3:50pm Wednesday, March 7th. A silver car comes up behind her blue Nissan Altima. Her car may have been clipped. Suddenly she's going sideways, the car flips and comes to rest along the roadway in front of a church at 800 Randolph Road.

Montgomery County police believe a silver car was the one that came up behind hers. They have no further description other than 'silver car'. Police believe that the silver car may have been racing with a green-and-white Mini Cooper. Both of those vehicles sped from the scene.

Nelvis Garcia's husband visited the crash scene and talked to reporters, as did his sister. You'll hear them here through an interpreter.

If you saw something, or know something about the incident, police want to hear from you. You'll get the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 301-840-2435.

Her husband:

Her sister-in-law:

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