Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Cluster of Hot Topics

...but in the middle of it all someone who's been seriously hurt.

Check out DCist's coverage of the investigation into crash involving a cyclist, a red light, and the citations issued to the cyclist--including one for failing to wear a helmet.* While the comments heated up over everything from whether DC police understand basic traffic laws to helmet use to approaching a red light to positioning yourself alongside a truck, reporter Martin Austermuhle brought everyone back to this; there's a young man in the hospital with serious injuries. And the DCist story includes this , an area where donations can be made toward Shawn Streiff's recovery.

*So what is the law on helmet use and cycling in DC? Here's the Metropolitan Police Department's page on the law. I tried clicking on the link to read the law itself, but got this. But it doesn't' take long to find more on cycling laws here. If you hate clicking links: in DC minors under age 16 are required to wear helmets when cycling, skateboarding, using a scooter--and here's one that was new to me--when using a sled "or any similar device".

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