Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Yes, I Am a Sucker for Helpless Creatures...

...Why do you ask?

My bosses at WTOP and I have an understanding. I don't have to go to mall parking lots on the day after Thanksgiving, and they get a story that's a little different than the typical Black Friday feature.

So I head to the Washington Humane Society. They are doing their own version of a Black Friday special: reduced adoption fees as a way to spur people to take a critter into their home. They dub it "Hope for the Holidays." 

So I go to cover this story, and someone decides she's going to give me more than sound bites to take home. And no, it wasn't the staffers. The pressure came from less than 2 lbs of cuteness. 

Go ahead. Call me a sap. I'm a reporter. We deal in facts, and it's true. I am a sap. 

But in my defense, there's a family history here. When I was in high school, my father, then a reporter for the NBC affiliate in New York City, did a story on a local shelter. He did his stand-up with an adorable, goofy Shepherd-mix. Within a week, that ungodly big, ungainly mutt had a home in our house. Finn was the best dog our family ever had.

This is not an endorsement. There are many, many fine shelters and rescue organizations in the region, the Washington Animal Rescue League among them. All of these groups, no matter what their philosophies, no matter how different their operations are,  share a common goal: to make sure that every animal that comes into their care is placed in a loving, responsible, forever home. 

Settled in. And yes, that is an old school iPod in the background. She likes that iconic form. She's got taste. 

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