Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday: A Different Kind of Bargain

"Doc" likes the look of my bag"Doc" is checking out my gear bagGodzilla is jittery..cause you haven't signed his adoption papers yet.Meet GodzillaDavey's headed home!Willie would love a new home..
Hey, how about me?No, seriously, pick me!Hey, look, over here!"Doc" being distracted...again.What's that?Time to get down yet?
"Doc" being wiggly"Dopey" looks like a creamsicle.."Dopey" up front"Doc" looking beyond the camera"Doc" with Elaina Casasayas"Doc" distracted
Davey says ...Oh, wait, look over there!Seriously, something moved...

Stay tuned...this could be a continuing story. By 5pm at least 5 adoption applications had been filled out at the Georgia Avenue Shelter, and 4 others at New York Avenue. The deal on adoptions runs right up through December 31st.

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