Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What They Forgot to Tell Me...

 When I interviewed Alexandria Firefighters Dennis Short and Jason Wehmeyer, they talked racing, safety, recreation, and about their hopes for the upcoming World Police and Fire Games in NYC.

What they didn't tell me was that just a few weeks ago, Jason Wehmeyer did something extraordinary in a mountain bike race. No, he didn't win.

I won't tell the story, I'll let Dr. Alex Wurm, an interventional radiologist from Rockville tell you. He did a great job all by himself. By the way, that's him in the photo behind the leader of the race, Jason Wehmeyer (#334)

  You know those stories that make you feel good? This is one of those stories by kateryan

Just how bad was that injury? Dr. Wurm shared his x-rays and pointing to the area where the break occurred said "You don't have to be a radiologist to know--that ain't right." He's got enough hardware in his hip and  to start a hardware store, but says he'll make a full recovery.

And as a thank you to Wehmeyer, he sent a letter of commendation to the Alexandria Fire Chief and made a donation to Capital Region Fire and Police Cycling, giving the team a boost on the way to the World Police and Fire Games in NYC later this month.

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