Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hear Tell: BlackWomenBikeDC...'s not just the name of a local cycling group, it's a statement. Veronica O. Davis, a DC resident, businesswoman and avid cyclist, was finding that she was a rarity: a black woman on a bike. She says it was made clear to her when a little girl called out to her mother to "Look at the black lady on the bike!" The name is meant as a bit of a playful commentary, that no, cycling in the city isn't just for white hipsters and yes, black women do bike.

But Davis, a Hillcrest resident and local activist thought, there had to be more women like her who might just need a little nudge to get started. And she was right: check the
and you'll find she's attracted more than 300 members to the group.

Recently she took some of  the members on a shopping trip--to BicycleSpace , where they got tips on finding just the right bike. That's where I caught up with Davis and members of her group who were having fun connecting and oohing and aahing over the latest bikes and bike accessories.

Here's what Davis has to say: about being a black woman who bikes, about sharing the road, and about
'the Mary Poppins Effect'.
  Veronica Davis founder BlackWomenBikeDC by kateryan

Tanya Ellis says it's been a long time since she's been on a bike, but is eager to get rolling again.
  Tanya Ellis with BlackWomenBikeDC by kateryan 

And Michelle Browne is an avid cyclist who shares her enthusiasm.
  Michelle Brown with BlackWomenRideDC by kateryan  

 No need to destroy your manicure when fixing a flat, Davis carries a manicure kit on her rides.

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  1. Congrats to Black Women Bike, always nice to see you, hoping we can help make the entire city great for cycling.