Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spanning the Globe by Bike!

Well, in a way.

See, I just checked the stats available on where in the world the readers of this blog happen to be. And get a load of this: people from China, Latvia, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Canada and Finland have checked in. Wow!

If you are checking in from outside of the Washington, DC area, tell me about it! What are you looking for, what caught your interest, what is your experience with biking in your corner of the world?

Oh, and stay will get more on a fun and informative day at a bike shop that included talk of inspiration, perspiration, and exhilaration.


  1. I'm currently in the UK, and next academic year I'll be in France, but I normally check in from Massachusetts. I discovered your blog via a comment on WashCycle during coverage of the Natasha Pettigrew hit-and-run, and kept following it because of your stories about CaBi. As a bike commuter and fan of bike share programs (and occasional visitor to DC), I enjoy keeping track of the climate for bicycling in DC.

  2. Wow, lucky you! And a big hat tip to WashCycle. BTW the Natasha Pettigrew case remains under investigation, and I will update as soon as there is any news--here and on WTOP. I see the bikeshare program is up and running in Boston--helmets required--what are you hearing on that? I'll try to get into it when time permits. Best, Kate