Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hear Tell: Racing to Fires, Racing to Beat the Clock...

(Dennis Short, President CRFPC and Jason Wehmeyer, VP CRFPC and yes, they always wear helmets when training. They went without them here so I could get a photo where they could be recognized.)

First responders from all over the world will compete in events ranging from mountain biking to stair racing (yes, as in racing up stairs) at the World Police and Fire Games in NYC starting August 26th. Among the 18,000 competing, the Alexandria City Fire Department's Dennis Short and Jason Wehmeyer. They're President and Vice President of the Capital Region Fire and Police Cycling team. Find out more about them by going to their website . You can even sponsor them as they go for the gold in NYC.

You can even go for a training ride with them--they promise they'll go easy on you. But be forewarned, if Short's daughter Ella (pictured above) is along for the ride, she may tell you " Get on the bike and just do it already!"

Hear Short and Wehmeyer on everything from training, to road riding to helmet use.

 Racing to Save Lives, Racing to Beat the Clock by Kathryn

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