Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain, Rain...

Lost a colleague at our sister station, WFED. Suzanne Kubota was a tech wizard with an editor's sharp eye, a writer's deft touch, and a comic's timing. She was great and generous soul and could make you laugh so hard your coffee/beer/milk/beverage of choice would come out of your nose.

I have known her since we worked together at both WTOP and WASH-FM back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. How can so much time have gone by? How can someone be here one day, sharing a joke on the way in to work, and then be gone the next?

There are a lot of aching hearts in the WFED/WTOP Hubbard Broadcasting group right now.

When delivering the news to us last night, Joel Oxley, the Senior Regional VP for WTOP/WFED ended with this: "Be safe and please take care of yourselves and those close to you."

So this is one of those days where you hold those you love a little longer, a little tighter, than usual. And tell stories about this wonderful coworker you had...

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