Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moonlit Nights Made Brighter

Dandies and Quaintrelles strike again with an event that features perfect weather and stylish cyclists, socializing in a spirt of fun and civic-mindedness.

One of the striking things about these events is that participants tend to be so well-behaved yet the events themselves are loosely organized. There's no finger-wagging. Everything from dress to whether helmets should be worn is suggested (The helmet debate is a hotly debated one, but not on these rides. Feel free to opine, but it's refreshing in a political city to see people mix without pushing a point of view.) And somehow, each and every time, it's worked.

Something else that's interesting to someone like me, who's seen this city wear the ugly sign of "Murder Capital": the use of public space in a way that emphasizes how beautiful Washington, DC is, and how, if people get out and take their place in that space, safety can be increased. Spaces that used to be avoided for fear of crime, are lively intersections, and last night, Logan Circle was transformed into a midnight picnic spot with pleasant conversation and soft music.

Between the weather and the friendly atmosphere, participants left feeling: "Why can't it always be like this?" And participants taking away the good feeling events like this one seem to engender might reply, "Maybe it can be."

Want to see more? Head to my WTOP flickr page.

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