Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Talk, Just Listen...

My job isn't just about talking on the air. It's also about listening. And sometimes, that involves music.'ve seen--and I hope heard--the interview I did with musician Ben Sollee not long ago on WTOP, 103.5 FM and on this blog. If not, check it out. It was a really nice talk.

Well, I made sure I got to his gig at Iota in Arlington, and yes, I biked there.

Regarding the bike part:
Um, can I just say that leg of the Custis Trail from oh, Nash to Veitch St is not made for my heavy Dutch bike? Wish I'd taken my Jamis. That said, I did burn some calories, so thanks for that.

And folks, is it me? Maybe my expectations about bike-friendly Arlington were too high, but I didn't see many bike parking facilities along the stretch of Wilson Boulevard where Iota is located, just one or two U-stands. Let me know if I simply overlooked something, and I'll know where to look next time.

Ok, but this isn't really about me. Really. It's about the show that Ben Sollee put on. Wow. And I think the crowd was with me on that one.

What struck me was Ben's obvious generosity in sharing the stage with the super-talented Phoebe Hunt, a musician from Austin, TX who was a perfect complement to his style. She was new to me and the pairing made it feel like you got a two-for-one deal with the ticket.

During the interview I did with Ben about his Ditch the Van Tour, he mentioned how they hauled 'the merch', all the stuff usually found at tables as you head into a show.

Like every good musician, Ben Sollee sells tee-shirts, and CD's but unlike many, he also has bikey stuff. I couldn't resist a hand-made bike bell: a little work of art for my lovely Dutch Gazelle bike.

Thanks, Ben Sollee, for a great interview and a great show!

And yes, concert photographers: your jobs are safe. As a reporter on a hard news story, I have no problem making my way to the front of a pack to get the vital sound or--now thanks to the internet--photos--but when folks are trying to enjoy a show? I'm loathe to get in the way.

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