Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Down on the Farm

Phew, it's not the heat...Barn again...Green and white and brightNot cooped up...IMG_2644.jpg Hot henLemonade, anyone?
IMG_2632.jpg Washing Eggs Rocklands FarmFarm flowersOK, reporter bias...Egg washFree range dust bathIMG_2686.jpg Tree Rocklands Farm
Sippin' at bells...Is it hot in here...Despite that look...Chicken mixChicken mix 2Sunflowers from the garden
Barn red-uxChicken shackNo, that is not one bird, but twoIMG_2693.jpg SunflowerFlowers and farmhouse

Hot Down on the Farm, a set on Flickr.

Not at all bike-related, unless you'll be heading out River Road to Poolesville in which case, Rocklands Farm has fresh eggs and produce for sale. They also head to local farmer's markets on the weekdays.

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