Monday, January 2, 2012

Stumbling Upon Inspiration

So, it's the first day of the new year, and I'm out for my bike ride. It's not just because January is posing as April (the weather is fantastic; sunny, cool) but because I said I would. I have to make good on my 31 minutes of activity a day.

So here I am, making good on one of my New Year's resolutions, when I figure I can make good on another. I want to do more to keep this blog current, and to profile people I meet on my rides. So I accost a cyclist to chat about biking.

Well, it turns out the kind gentleman who's good enough to pull over and chat is another journalist.
 Doh! I am not a fan of journalists interviewing other journalists, but Tom Bridge and his wife Tiffany (who pulled up behind him) inspire me. Like me, they are on their bikes for fun and for fitness. As Tom puts it, he's on a"concerted weight loss effort".

His wife Tiffany tells a great story about how she ended up getting herself her super-cute Bianchi.
Fun fact: Tom's parents and their story of getting on the road to fitness appeared in the New York Times Magazine .Wow.

Hear what Tom and Tiffany had to say:

Update: I learned later onTwitter , Tom had a close call on the bike.
Came within inches of being 's first of the year as car made illegal 3-point turn into my lane.

I never like to hear about these. But Tom kept it positive.I'm wishing Tom and Tiffany the best. We traded info about our favorite fitness apps, and will keep tabs on each other. I'm inspired.
I tend to say it a lot, and I know I sound like your mom, but safe travels everyone. No matter how you get around, I want to talk to a lot more of you in 2012.

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