Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok, so on day three I got my workout in later rather than earlier.

Much later. Like @ 10pm. Actually it's a really nice time to ride: the streets are quiet and it's fun.

Upside: I got in my 31 minutes. (I pledged to complete 30 minutes a day +1, besting Newark Mayor Cory Booker by 1 minute each day. Just because I wanted to go him one better, but not go all crazy. I have my limits.)

Downside: Bitter cold, windy and I took out a Capital Bikeshare bike. Now I love the  Cabis but I have to say: after zipping around on my Jamis Coda, those Cabis are heavy! That's why I'm amazed at how Tom Bridge has been making use of them for his workouts.

Tom, a tip of the hat to you.

Here's what I've done "so far this year".

On the bike(s) : 588 calories in 12.5 miles
On foot:           242 calories in 2.4 miles

Not earth shattering, but a start.

How about you? What's working for you?

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  1. Thanks for the kudos, Kate. They're heavy, that's for sure, but the real problem is that they're not very fast. They really need another couple gears to get any speed going.