Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY: With Your New Best Friends

Ever wished you could fix a flat in no time flat? Wondered just how hard it would be to take the wobble out of that wheel? Or just want to save some money on basic bike repair?

Then if you're reading this before noon on Saturday (December 10th) rush out the door and head to @TheBikeHouse behind Qualia Coffee up on Georgia Avenue in Petworth. For just a few bucks (between $5 and $10) you can get set up to fix your bike yourself--with guidance. You bring the bike (and the problem that needs to be taken care of) and they supply the tools, bike stands and know-how.

Today is the Bike House's last clinic of the season from 12-3pm. When they reopen the clinics next year, they'll be in a new spot, location tba.

In the meantime, get a sense of what The Bike House is all about here. Just click the button in the middle of the photo and enjoy.

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