Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bike Shops and Co-Ops: Belgium to Petworth

I am woefully behind in my bike-related blogging. My New Year's resolution come early is to keep from dropping so far behind. (Pedal harder!)

Got ideas to have this better serve the biking (and non-biking) among you. Hope to execute soon.

Resorting to SuperMan-speak because my newly adopted (and incredibly adorable) kitten is taking part in #OccupyYourHuman by draping herself on one arm.

And I'm also in need of fulfilling my part of the #WTOPfitness challenge. It's an unofficial official challenge that @tewarren, @AlexCaudanaWTOP and I decided we'd try.

Sure, reporters dash from place to place, but given the distances involved, journalism-by-bike isn't workable. There's lots of sitting while driving, sitting while attending a news conference, sitting while working up that sound for air.

So while sitting around working up stories in the Glass Enclosed Nerve Center, we decided we'd try putting the spurs to each other to get those workouts in on a consistent basis. My goal: some concentrated physical activity daily.

For now, check out my story on the WAW (say it "Wow") a super-cool, funky, futuristic looking bike? car? rocketship? that's made in a small shop in Gent, Belgium. Go to to see the WAW in action, and listen to WTOP  103.5FM to hear all about it. I'll post additional details here later.

..and from Belgium back to DC: Yesterday I visited the folks at the Bike House, a bike co-op where you can learn how to fix that flat (and more) all by yourself. Last chance this season? Next Saturday, 12-3pm behind Quallia Coffee on Georgia Avenue.

Now, I gotta roll.

As soon as I remove the adorable kitten from my arm...which has fallen asleep as soundly as has the previously mentioned kitten.

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