Friday, November 12, 2010

Upon Closer Inspection... looks to me like we do indeed have a match.

I believe the tire taken off my Gazelle Medeo is the very one that is now sported by a bike confiscated from a group of youths by the Metropolitan Police at 2-D. I'm working with the police on confirming it and making that claim.

I have become more sure since getting my Gazelle back from the bike shop where I took it for repairs (the thieves also tried yanking my rear wheel off the bike, never a good thing to have someone force the works on your ride.)

The good news is, after recovering my bike, I took it for a ride, and the mechanics did a fabulous job. It rides beautifully and they came up with a really good match for the front tire (though they said they weren't able to find the same kind of reflective sidewalls on the tires.)

It was also nice to know the guys working on it loved it too. The words "awesome" and "sweet" were used more than once.

I know it's an object, but I really do love that bike. It's a beautiful piece of machinery, and it's a pleasure to ride.


  1. Wow that Gazelle is a nice bike for sure! Now that I work for a bike organization and all my co-workers have at least 2 bikes, I've been salivating over all the bikes out there. Unfortunately, with kids four years away from college and in the middle of scary orthodontia bills, a new bike will have to be on a wish list for a few years. My $29 Bianchi hybrid from Salvation Army will be fine. But, the Gazelle is on future bike purchase lists!

  2. Citymom, I'm with you. Some women can't pass a shoe shop without stopping dead to admire the goods, for me, it's those shiny, shiny bikes. The Gazelle was a splurge and an investment (though now they have opened shops in US) but has given me nothing but pure pleasure. (And the occasional upper body workout..bringing it up the stairs ain't as easy as I'd like.) I feel your pain on the orthodontia...I'm one of nine kids, and the parents put braces on all of us, bless them! Keep your eyes peeled, so many folks buy bikes with good intentions, and let them rust...maybe another bargain will materialize.